The Serge Hill Project for Gardening, Creativity, and Health, is a not-for-profit initiative based on the understanding that working with nature can radically transform people’s health and wellbeing. The aim is to foster community inclusion through gardening and other forms of creativity.

Garden Visits
Plant Library and Barn Garden Visit (April 2024)
2 April 2024, 10.00am–1.00pm

From April to October, on the first Tuesday of each month you can visit the Orchard Plant Library and Barn Garden from 10.00am–1.00pm. All money raised from ticket sales will go directly to the Serge Hill Project which is a not for profit CIC (Community Interest Company).

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‘Gardening is unique amongst the creative therapies in drawing on the power of nature’s growth and in the extent to which it brings together the emotional, physical, social, vocational and spiritual aspects of life.

Some of the benefits of gardening derive from the focus on caring for plants, others from the direct influence of green nature on our nervous systems. The safe green space of a garden is calming which reduces stress and helps promote human connection.’

— Sue Stuart-Smith

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At a time when the therapeutic benefits of horticulture are so clear and cuts to social care are so common, this project will provide a space to heal. We envisage the development of the community garden as a whole team effort, with designers and volunteers coming together to create a space that will help people experience the mental and physical health and wellbeing benefits of gardens and gardening.