Garden Masterclass at The Plant Library (3 of 3)
Serge Hill Lane, Bedmond, Hertfordshire, WD5 0RZ
25 September 2024 10:00am - 16:30pm

We are delighted to announce our first workshops in the Plant Library and we would love to see you there. Serge Hill Project CIC is partnering with Garden Masterclass to offer three study days at Serge Hill, led by Tom Stuart-Smith, Sue Stuart-Smith, Noel Kingsbury, and Millie Souter, from early to late summer.

25 September - Workshop 3 – Late summer perennials and grasses.

Tom Stuart-Smith will be on hand at start the day and the focus will be on grasses, Asteraceae, Actea and Euphorbiaceae all planted in sand and green waste. Then Millie Souter and Mattis Schneider will lead the workshop which includes Euphorbia, Aster, Kalimeris, Grasses and Actaea. Students can choose a genus to study and observe and compare species along with reviewing and observing qualities for design purposes. The workshop continues with observational drawings which can be used in design proposals and 3D visuals. Analysing plant choices, communicating using drawings, studying plant combinations and making suggestions, through critique and rationale.

There will be a tour of Tom and Sue’s garden with Derek Hunter, the focus on this day will be the prairie and the Cornus kousa grove.


Accessible parking for those who require it is available at the entry to The Orchard Barn. There is step-free access to the building and all areas. However, there are many potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces that may be encountered whilst visiting the gardens, along with gravel paths that aren’t suitable for walking frames with wheels. Please be aware that due to the ongoing building works at the Orchard, there may be additional hazards to look out for.

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