Kate Stuart-Smith & Non Morris: On the Garden at Serge Hill House
The Orchard Barn, Serge Hill Lane, Bedmond, WD5 0RZ
25th June 2024 18:00pm - 20:00pm

‘I want people to go ‘wow’ at the romantic abundance as soon as they arrive.’ Kate Stuart-Smith

The garden at Serge Hill has been in the Stuart-Smith family for nearly a hundred years. When Kate Stuart-Smith took it over in the 1990’s she was faced with a series of challenges. How to make a place your own when it is a much-loved family garden - albeit with the sensibility of an older generation? How to edit out plants you have always disliked and yet be sure to hang on to plants which you may regret losing? Do you dare to remove a mature tree or a carefully nurtured hedge? What will happen if you simply stop the meticulous spraying that has kept the paths crisp and clear for generations?

Sister of landscape designer Tom whose renowned Barn Garden is across the way, fellow designer Kate Stuart-Smith will be discussing how she took on the family plot thoughtfully - but with a sense of adventure - and created a garden whose surging, fairy tale profusion does indeed make the visitor gasp.

In this special event, guests will have the opportunity to visit Kate's Garden at Serge Hill House as well as the Orchard Plant Library and Barn Garden, from 5 to 6 pm.

Photo Credit: Jason Ingram

All money raised from ticket sales will go directly to the Serge Hill Project which is a not for profit CIC (Community Interest Company).


Accessible parking for those who require it is available at the entry to The Orchard Barn. There is step-free access to the building and all areas. However, there are many potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces that may be encountered whilst visiting the gardens, along with gravel paths that aren’t suitable for walking frames with wheels. Please be aware that due to the ongoing building works at the Orchard, there may be additional hazards to look out for.