Todd Longstaffe-Gowan: Lost Gardens of London
The Orchard Barn, Serge Hill Lane, Bedmond, WD5 0RZ
3rd July 2024 18:00pm - 20:00pm

Our fascination with lost gardens is more than a mere pervasive wistfulness for the past or a vague longing for vanished paradise – it is often fuelled by our interest in reconstructing worlds that supply us with a powerful means of making sense of the past, and a way of reading history. London gardens, being often shut off from the continuum of everyday life around them, and so allowing particular scope for individual experimentation, readily encapsulated attitudes to the design and use of open spaces that now often seem eccentric and improbable.

Todd’s talk will focus on and celebrate the evanescence of London's vast and varied garden legacy, and will provide insights into his forthcoming exhibition Lost Gardens of London which will open at the Garden Museum in October 2024. The gardens he will examine range from the capital's humble allotments and defunct squares to amateur botanical gardens, princely pleasure grounds, artists' gardens and private menageries – gardens that have either vanished or that have changed beyond recognition. Lost Gardens will seek to remind us of what a precious asset gardened greenspace is, and how it has contributed over the centuries to the quality of life and well-being of generations of inhabitants of the Metropolis.

All money raised from ticket sales will go directly to the Serge Hill Project which is a not for profit CIC (Community Interest Company).


Accessible parking for those who require it is available at the entry to The Orchard Barn. There is step-free access to the building and all areas. However, there are many potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces that may be encountered whilst visiting the gardens, along with gravel paths that aren’t suitable for walking frames with wheels. Please be aware that due to the ongoing building works at the Orchard, there may be additional hazards to look out for.